A typical reading begins after my client is seated and after they are relaxed and comfortable. I tend not to engage in too much conversation because I don’t want it to interfere with the reading. Once we are both settled I may touch your hand or arm to get myself grounded with your energy. It’s your reading, so it is important that you are relaxed enough to allow yourself to be receptive.

I receive messages and information in different forms and it is not always the same with every client. I cannot guarantee that I will receive information on past, present, and future events all in the same reading or in any particular order. However, my clients usually report that I manage to typically touch all three areas. I rarely remember much of a client’s reading after I’m finished, so you are welcome to tape your session or take notes.

Many clients are looking for specific answers to specific questions. I cannot guarantee what messages will come through or if specific deceased loved ones can be contacted. Clients are encouraged to write down questions in advance in areas they hope to get answers to. They can refer to them during the reading and perhaps they will be resolved. Again, I cannot guarantee exactly what messages and information will be brought forward.

I do not place a time restraint on my readings. Many have lasted over an hour, and a few less then 45 minutes. If at any time you become uncomfortable or get too emotional, you are free to stop the reading. My fee is $75.00 per session in-house. Contact me for additional rates for out calls, phone readings, parties, or groups.

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