Simon Sarkisian

Simon Sarkisian realized at an early age that he was blessed with a gift that was passed down from his paternal grandmother. Having been raised in a dogmatic Orthodox Armenian environment, Simon suppressed his talents for many years yet they continued to develop. At an early age Simon became aware of his ability to feel alternate energy systems and communicate with our Universal Energy Source not generally perceived by his fellow family members and classmates at school. As a clairsentient, Simon developed as a vehicle for those requesting assistance and clarification. This often perplexed his family and friends in the process. Throughout his high school and college years many skeptics, who challenged his abilities, believed him to be a novelty but came away with a greater understanding and awareness of their own purpose and path.

Living and working in Los Angeles at the time, provided Simon with numerous contacts. It was one such contact — a movie producer — who after achieving his own enlightenment, proposed that Simon utilize his talents within the industry. This provided the seed for Simon to further cultivate his talents as a clairvoyant and to develop a small business. Since then numerous artists in various fields have sought guidance with their careers and personal lives.Simon is dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness in all of its various levels and to discover the many possibilities of human potentiality that will enhance our evolution on our planet.

As we journey on our individual paths of self awareness we seek truth, an understanding of our human potentialities, and our purpose on this plane of existence. There is a Universal Energy Source and we are ALL a part of that Universal Energy. We all have questions, fears, and challenges (lessons) we face each day. One aspect of Simon’s purpose is to be a helpful conduit providing guidance, a vehicle of communication and clarification to help us achieve our individual goals. Contact Simon directly to explore how he can help you to develop your true potential.

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